About Us
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English Profi is the first virtual meeting place where employers find and hire quality English service providers including Translators, Interpreters, Voiceover Talents, Copywriters, Localization Experts and English Trainers.

Designed specifically for the unique needs of the English language services industry, English Profi gives English professionals a place to network, collaborate and find quality work.

Our Philosophy

English Profi strives to organize and promote freelance English language specialists worldwide by maximizing their visibility, their client lists and their earnings. English Profi provides superior solutions to employers by working to provide the finest and most extensive selection of English language talent.

Our Story

The English Profi team includes marketing, programming and engineering experts that are driven by the English Profi mission and ideals.

It all started with an idea stemmed from Ken Christian, a mechanical engineer from Southern California who accidentally started teaching business English when he moved to Germany. He discovered through common observation (and later, extensive market research) that international companies had a demand for freelance English language experts. The problem was, there was no trusted network for these companies to find the quality English experts they required. Thus, English Profi was born.

English Profi is the only network for all English language experts and those who require their quality services to meet online. If you are an English language professional or an employer looking for a contractor site you can trust, English Profi is your solution.


If you have questions, comments or suggestions, inquire at our Contact page.