Frequently Asked Questions

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A: General

1. What makes English Profi different from other freelance Web sites?
2. What does Profi mean?
3. Is English Profi free?
4. How do the employer and service provider communicate?

B: English Professionals

1. How do I get started?
2. How do I make a profile?
3. When does English Profi post my profile?
4. Who sees my profile?
5. Where do I find jobs?
6. How do I use the Job Board?
7. Can I find full-time work on English Profi?
8. What kinds of employers are here?
9. How does English Profi work to promote my services?
10. Can my company advertise its services on English Profi?
11. How do I become a Premium Member?
12. How do I get paid?
13. How do I pay?
14. Why should I pay to advertise on English Profi?
15. How much do I get paid?
16. Does English Profi charge commission like other sites?

C: English Students

1. Why should I choose English Profi instead of a language school?
2. How much should I expect to pay for English lessons?
3. There are no English Profi professionals in my area, what can I do?
4. Where are English courses held?
5. How do I pay?

D: Companies & Employers

1. How do I get started?
2. How do I post jobs onto the English Profi Job Board?
3. What kind of jobs can I post?
4. Do I have to post a job to use English Profi?
5. How can I narrow down my search for freelancers?
6. How do I know the freelancers on English Profi are quality professionals?
7. Do you mediate the work that occurs through English Profi?
8. How do I pay contractors?
9. Does English Profi charge an employer fee like other sites?